Vertical Farming

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A gravity fed system. A system where water is pumped in to bathe the roots of the plants.
Hydrodroponic System Hydrodroponic Diagram
    Origin:  Hydroponics is a method of growing plants using mineral nutrient solutions in water without soil. The very earliest published work on growing terrestrial plants without soil was the 1627 book, Sylva Sylvarum by Francis Bacon, printed a year after his death. By 1842, a list of nine elements believed to be essential to plant growth had been compiled, and the discoveries of the German botanists Julius von Sachs and Wilhelm Knop, in the years 1859 and 1865, resulted in a development of the technique of soil less plant cultivation.
  In History:   During World War II produce was grown with hydroponics on the barren Pacific Islands. According to a 1941 Time magazine article, this was one of the first times that commercial use of hydroponics was used on such a large scale to feed people. This group of islands was used as a refueling site for airplanes and salad greens were used to feed the staff and crew of the small airport.
Hydroponics and Vertical Farming can multiply a harvest.
Quoted from a an article about farming in the desert. "AeroFarms has developed an advanced, proven aeroponic system that grows produce without soil or sun, all year round and in any location. The systems are vertically stackable and are well-suited for old or vacant warehouse-type buildings, abundant in urban areas. The systems have 24/7 controlled lighting, temperature, and humidity, accelerating the growth cycle from 35-70 days to 18-21 days. While aeroponic technology is at the core of the system, proprietary developments in growing medium, lighting and the mechanical design are all integral in making the AeroFarms system superior."
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