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The Batman comics are very memorable treasures of many people's childhoods. He first appeared in Detective's Comics in May 1939. However, he didn't start to become more popular until he received his own comic book in 1940. In the comics, Batman's secret identity is Bruce Wayne, a millionaire who's fortune was left to him by his parents when they were killed when he was still at a very young age. After witnessing their deaths, Bruce Wayne swore that he would bring justice to criminals all over Gotham, the fictional city in which he lives.

Batman with Bat Signal

Batman Comic

The amazing thing about Batman as a super hero is that he is not in possession of any "super powers". He simply uses his own strength, brains, and detective skills to accomplish whatever goals he may have. One of the very likable aspects of Batman is the fact that he is not invincible, he is simply a human being, just like us. This makes him more relatable while simaltaneously making Batman a more layered and diverse character. This allows for thicker plot lines, lots of action, and tons of happy fans, clamoring for more.